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Kruger National Park

Kruger Park is South Africa's most exciting African safari destination. Steeped in legend and history, the iconic Kruger National Park in South Africa is waiting for you to explore its vast landscapes and spectacular African wildlife. The Game Safari must be one of the most memorable activities and things that you must do in Kruger National Park, South Africa.

The word 'safari' has its roots in Arabic - and Arab traders were some of the first outsiders to journey into this continent. Caravans replaced jeeps in these early expeditions, as treacherous new trade routes transported goods - and slaves - between Africa and Asia throughout the 18th and 19th centuries.

The first 'safari' took place in 1836, when William Cornwallis Harris set out to observe wildlife in its natural surroundings - rather than simply shooting it, as he did on most of his expeditions. Shortly after, the word 'safari' was introduced into English by the explorer Sir Richard Burton.

 Why Kruger National Park This is considered the king of safari parks. And it is on most Africa Bucket Lists. Fantastic for self-drive safaris, it's the Big Five for beginners. One of Africa's oldest, largest and most diverse national parks, Kruger has over 500 bird species and more mammals than any other park on the continent. Its luxury lodges, top-end safaris and campsites mean that Kruger is really open to all. Whether you are going for an adventure, an experience or even for your honeymoon trip, this has to be on the top of your list.

And I like to share some of the photographs that I had taken while on a safari with my group of friends in June 2014.

It is better to stay in the Kruger National Park itself, as you are much in the heart of the whole area. At that time that we went last June, it was actually winter time, but in the day, it was still very comfortable. We had two game viewing sessions each day.

In a typical day, we were awaken at 5 30am. We had some biscuits and tea or coffee, before we set off in one of those open-topped vehicle that you saw in the picture. It is better to have about up to five people in one vehicle. We were given ponchos to cover ourselves. It was pitch dark, and our knowledgeable guide cum driver would negotiate and find his way round on the road built within the national parks. It was very cold in the morning with a few degrees, and we were all wrapped up in our jacket, and covered with the ponchos. Soon, we could see the sky brightening up, with a tinge of soft orange glow across the horizon. 

We were driven around to hunt for the animals, and we saw impalas, elephants, giraffes, zebras, and lions. The Big Five refers to the lion, leopard, buffalo, elephant and rhinoceros. At close to about nine in the morning, we would have a short break to take our breakfast, with sandwiches, and biscuits. Then, we continued with our game drive.

When it started to get hot, we were driven back to our lodge. Then, it was lunch time. Free at leisure till about four pm. Then, we would go for our sunset safari.
Now, it would be the reverse. We left our lodge in the bright daylight, and continued on until the sunset. Wow, the sunrise and sunsets are really beautiful here in the Kruger National Parks. Bright orange hues right across the whole horizon this time.

We even had our biscuits and champagne in the wild. But we needed to be very careful, as I heard of tales about some other travellers, being cautioned and then had to make their way back to the vehicle due to the big cats approaching their way..

Then, by the time, we were back in the lodge, we could wash up, and get ready for our dinner. The following day would repeat itself with the similar timing.

On our trip, we had the chance to see the cheetah from afar, but didnt manage to see any of the leopards which are high elusive animals. They are nocturnal creatures, and thus spend most of their time resting in the day, and hunt in the night. That makes it difficult to locate and see them.

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Palawan Dream Trip



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Archeological finding indicate that the first Filipino/ the Tabon Man, once lived in the Tabon Caves Complex, now Known as the Lipuun Point in Quezon, Palawan. Archeological exploration and excavation undertake at the Tabon caves Complex yielded significants artifact and ecofacts belonging to different cultural chronologies ranging from 50,000 years ago to the 14th century A.D. The ancient Palawanos have had a kind of writing, including an alphabet and a form of selft-government under the normal jurisdiction of the Sultanate of Sulu. The name Palawan is believed to come from Chinese word”PA-LAO-YU” meaning the “Land of Beautiful Safe Harbor” and a Spanish word PARAGUA.
       In 1622, the Spaniards arrived led by Count Saint Agustin. They first established their authority on the northern portion on the province, over the island of Calamianes group. They organized the region into a province known as Calamianes. Later, they built a fort, which was capable of accommodating a garrison of 700 men. Taytay then became the bastion of Spanish authority. The Muslim tried to capture the fort in 1730 and 1735, but they failed. About the middle of the century, The Spanish government obtained from the Sultanate the secession of the southern part of Paragua in order to extend the Spanish authority to the newly acquired territory. Later, they abandoned the place when a considerable number of the expeditionary force perished from fever, which could be attributed to what is now called Malaria. But today with modern facilities and medications, Malaria is controlled.
        In 1818, practically all the territories, which now belong to Palawan, where known as the Province of Calamianes with the capital in Taytay. In 1858, Calamianes was divided into two provinces, Castilla and Asturias. Castilla comprised the Calamianes group and the adjacent islands, and the northern portion of Paragua. Its capital was Taytay. Asturias included the rest of Paragua together with the island of Balabac, which early that year was made into a politico-military province with the name of Principe Alfonso. Its capital was Puerto Princesa. Later, during the term of the Governor and Captain Rafael de Izquirdo, the island of Pragua was organized into a separate politico-military province with Puerto Princesa as the capital. At the end of the Spanish rule, the province of Palawan was divided into three politico-military districts-Calamianes, Paragua, and Balabac.
        In 1873, the capital of Palawan was transferred from Taytay to Cuyo. After the Filipino-American War, the Americans established the Civil Government of Pragua on June 23,1902 with Major John Brown as the first appointed Governor. In 1903, pursuant to Axct. No. 1363 of the Philippine Commission, the name of the province was changed to Palawan and the capital was transferred from Cuyo to Puerto Princesa.
        At the outbreak of World War II, the Japanese Imperial Forces occupied Palawan on May 18, 1942. They establish garrisons in Coron, Puerto Princesa and Iwahig. Consequently, guerilla units were formed in there sector led by Captian Amores in Calamaianes, by Higinio Mendoza, Sr., in the mainland, and by Emilio Tumbaga in Brooke’s Point. During the Japanese occupation, a civil government known”Free Palawan” headed by Governor Gaudencio E. Abordo was established in the hinterlands, in 1941.
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Fare Deals to Asia and Latin America

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Top 10 Things to Do in Prague

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