Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Best Airfare to Central Asia

Welcome back to my blog. And I am in the midst of creating a new website, with more travel tips as well as adding more pictures to share my experience on my various travel/trip.

I was in Central Asia in June 2013, and I organized for my group to fly into Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Then, we travelled overland and then returned back to Tajikistan before we continued by flight into Almaty, Kazakhstan to continue our journey into Kyrgyzstan. It was a wonderful experience, and now I share the travel tip on getting your best deal in airfare to Central Asia.



Do these countries fascinate you?


The home country of Tamerlane, the Central Asian conqueror.. Towering blue minarets dominating the skyline in the beautiful cities of Bukhara & Samarkand.

Kyrgyzstan & Tajikistan are both excellent countries for hiking and outdoor activities with the large concentration of the mountains. You will travel into Tajikistan overland from Uzbekistan, as there is no direct flight from Uzbekistan. As for Kyrgyzstan, you can also travel overland but there are flights from Tashkent into Bishkek.

To Travel to Central Asia –

You can fly into Tashkent, and continue your journey overland into Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan or even Kazakhstan.  By far, Bangkok is the best city to get your flights into the cities of

  1. Tashkent, Uzbekistan – Airport code - TAS
  2. Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan -    Airport code - FRU
  3. Almaty, Kazakhstan -    Airport code - ALA
  4. Astana, Kazakhstan -    Airport code – AST

Flights to Tashkent (TAS), Uzbekistan

From Bangkok

Fly Astana Airlines, Korean Airlines, Uzbekistan Airways

By Uzbekistan Airways (Direct from Bangkok)

BKKTAS – WED flight –   BKKTAS  2255 / 0345 +1

                   TUE                     BKKTAS  1005 / 1455

TASBKK -  MON flight     TASBKK  2315 / 0715 +1 (ARR on TUE)

                                WED      TASBKK  1040 / 1840

There are daily flights into Almaty, Kazakhstan from Bangkok by Air Astana.

From Singapore  

Direct flight by Uzbekistan Airways (fly on Tuesday) 

DEP  TUE – SINTAS   1145 / 1850   (Direct)

ARR  Wed TASSIN 1025 / 2359 (via KUL, Malaysia)


SINTAS – Airfare on Uzbekistan Airways fr USD1,450

China Southern Airways (2 stops via Guangzhou & Urumqi) fr USD1,050

Korean Airlines (1 stop) fr USD1,300

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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Pictures of Emerald Lake Canada

Dear all,

I like to show you some of the pictures that I took for my recent trip in September 2014.

Canadian Rockies is well known for its many beautiful shimmering lakes, and the snow-capped mountains. In this particular instance, I like to show you some of the pictures that I took at Emerald Lake.months, the lake is a popular cross country skiing destination.

Emerald Lake is located in Yoho National Park, in British Columbia, Canada. It is the largest of the 61 lakes and ponds in the Yoho National Park. For those who are more active, they can choose to go on the hike around the lake, which is 5.2 km long. During the summer months, visitors can also rent canoes to go canoeing in the lake. During the winter months, this lake is a popular cross country skiing destination.

Due the high altitude, this lake is frozen from November until June.

Take a self drive holiday to the Canadian Rockies. Fly into Calgary or Edmunton, and start your drive to Emerald Lake. You can have lunch at the Lake Louis Village before continuing here.

Here are the pictures -

There are more pictures of the other lakes in Canada. Keep a look out for my next post to see the beautiful lakes.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Pictures of Juneau

Dear all,

Thank you for checking out my blog.

I went on a Alaska Cruise on Golden Princess Cruise Ship. And please find the pictures that I took while we went ashore at Juneau.

Cruise Schedule -
Day 1 Seattle - Embarkation
Day 2 Out at Sea
Day 3 Juneau
Day 4 Skagway
Day 5 Glacier Bay National Park
Day 6 Ketchikan
Day 7 Victoria
Day 8 Seattle - Disembarkation.

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Disembarking at Juneau port.

              People enjoying under the sun, while we walk along the boardwalk to the town. The                                      downtown area is only about 5 minutes walk away from the pier.
Lovely views and it was a beautiful day.

Enjoyed the views while we take our city tour.

                      A little stream while we take the 45 minute round trip walk to the view point of                                                           Mendenhall Glacier as well as the Nugget Falls.

                                                   At the view point of the Nugget Falls.

A photo for one of our tour group member.

Love the reflection of the waterfall.

Took the tramway up to Mt Roberts and enjoy the sunset up there.

At the end of the day, we reboard the cruise .

Golden Princess organises a number of the shore excursions, which you could book directly with them even before your departure. Juneau, is very easy to move around, and you could easily book for excursions after you disembark. Otherwise, you can walk around the town easily. The Tramway up to Mt Roberts was closeby, and you could see the trams while you disembark from the ship. If you love nature, you could choose to do the hiking up the mountain, and there are trails up there to enjoy the beautiful view of the mountain.

Remember to come back for my next post on the Alaska Cruise.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Explore Amsterdam

What to do in Amsterdam?

Go for a canal cruise (Lovers Cruise)
Visit a Diamond Factory (GASSAN)
Shop around Dam Square
Visit Mdm Taussauds Wax Museum
Enjoy Argentinian Steak nearby Dam Square
Go to Zaanse Schans Village
Go to Keukenhof Spring Gardens (late March - early May)

There are many things for you to do in Amsterdam.

Eating in Amsterdam
- Hannibal Lunch Room
- Argentinian Restaurant
- Rokin (pubs)

Day trips out of Amsterdam
1. Keukenhof Gardens
2. Zaanse Schans
3. Volendam

Airfare to Amsterdam
Fly Emirates, Lufthansa, Singapore Airlines, etc.
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Here is some of the pictures that I took while I was in Amsterdam.

At Hannibal Lunch Room, near the Heineken Musuem.

Typical local Dutch food - meat ball.
Mixed with some onions and it was tasty, so I love it.

Nice croquette - bite-sized patty on a bun.

                                           Outside the Heineken Museum -
              Try to go for the Heineken Experience, which is conducted by the Heineken Museum.

At Zaanse Schans village.

                                              Had a demonstration of cheese making process.

                                                                Beautiful clogs for sale

Clog making machine.

Small piggy banks as souvenirs.

You will find many Argentinian resturants that serve steak nearby the National Monument.
The direction is to walk past the monument to the NH Hotel direction, but just keep to the right of the monument, and you will find all the restaurants  - Chinese, Mexican, etc there. Many choices for you.

 When you face the NH Hotel, and the National Monument (white pillar), just keep to the right side, and walk along the road, and you will see ASIA (Chinese) Restaurant signage. And you just keep walking towards there, you will find food easily.

There is a carnival going on while I was in Amsterdam (18Oct). I heard that there will be 4 such carnivals in a year, and each time, it will last for a week.

                           It was getting more crowded as we approach the evening on a Saturday.

Enjoy Amsterdam.

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Enjoy !!

Friday, October 3, 2014

Pictures of Skagway

Dear all,

thanks for coming back. And in this post, I like to share with with you my wonderful experience of taking the helicopter ride up to the glacier, with a guided walking session up there!

Amazing, and it is not cheap to pay for the price. But every cent is worth it. It costs me USD319 for this wonderful experience. So, if you travel to Skagway, Alaska, on board a cruise ship, you can book for this shore excursion from Princess directly. However, if you are traveling to Alaska on your own, be it self drive or overland, you can still book the excursions directly from one of the operators there.

Skagway is only a small town, and it became famous due to the gold rush Klondike. Thousands of people went in search of their fortune and they all thought there they could become rich by gonig to the Alaska gold fields, but in actual fact, these gold fields were in Yukon, Canada.

This Gold Rush was to spawn a narrow-gauge railroad that would pay an important part in the development of Alaska and Northern Canada. But before the railroad was even a thought in anyone's mind, thousands of stampeders had headed for the gold fields. The Klondike was 650 miles north of the head of navigation at Skagway and Dyea, Alaska. In the summer and fall of 1897 stampeders by the thousands converged on these points.

The gold actually had been found in Auguest 1896, by three prospectors on Indian Creek (now Bonanza Creek), a tributary of the Klondike River, but because of the remoteness of the area, word of the great find did not reach the outside world until a year later. When it did, it started one of the greatest mass exoduses in North America history, with perhaps 100,000 people heading
 for the gold fields and up to 50,000 actually made it there.

Back in 1897, before the railroad was built, the only way to get to the gold fields was to hike through treacherous land and sometimes under extremely harsh conditions over the Chilkoot Trail or the White Pass.

Today, visitors can take the railway to the White Pass, and travel into Yukon, Canada and enjoy the beautiful scenery around.

As for me, I am sharing the photographs that I took while on my helicopter ride up to the glacier, and my glacier walking experience up there. Enjoy.

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Recommendation -
Take the Railway to White Pass, and then followed by the Yukon, Canada excursion.
Take the helicopter ride up to the glacier and enjoy a guided walk of the glacier.

For Singaporeans, I am planning a trip to Alaska which will cover the Denali National Park, Fairbanks, etc in June 2016.

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Happy exploring ...