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Recommended Bed and Breakfast in Taiwan

Travel partners wanted for South Africa 2014
Departure on 06Jun 2014.
Max group size - 12

Trekking partners wanted for NEPAL trekking in Oct 2013
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30Nov 15D Spain Portugal & Morocco
I have passengers looking for more to join them for the above departure.
Itinerary -

I was helping out in the Singapore NATAS Travel Fair from the 16-18August 2013. And I found these wonderful places in Taiwan, if you are looking for a good retreat or a break. I will look forward to go Taiwan sometime to stay at such wonderful places with good sunrise view, and beautiful pastures.


                                                              SUNNYDALE HOUSE

European style architecture. 
I am really captivated by the beautiful pictures depicted on the brochure. And I am certain I would love this environment with mountains, lakes, and clouds. Just take a look at the mountain view behind. Oh some breathtaking views!!!  I could stay here one month !

There are a number of sights - including the qingqingcaoyuan (Green Pastures), and Mini Swiss Garden (miniruishihuayuan), HeHuan Mountain. Go for the sunrise at HeHuan Mountain. And you can take Direct Bus from TaiZhong to CingQing, from the morning 08 25 Hr till 14 50 Hr.
Bus from CingQing to TaiZhong from 09 00 Hr to 16 00 Hr.

There are different types of rooms available, and the price will include breakfast and dinner.
Morning breakfast  07 30 - 09 00 HR
Dinner 17 30 - 19 00 HR

If you could understand Chinese, please go to their website -

Look at the picture below  - My holiday !

Located next to the Lake in MiaoLi County.

Beautiful bedrooms.


1. Online reservation by email.                                             2. Transport, package tours, car rental services
3. Situated close by - Tai-3 Recreation Farm, Strawberry Museum, Sheng-Hsing Railway Station, Feng-Jia Night Market, Flying Cow Ranch, Nan-Chuang Old Street, etc
4. Offers wide variety of ethnic cuisine, and a wide range of beers (Strawberry beer chicken, lychee beer, melon beer, raspberry beer, Belgium beer, and Strawberry beer)
5. Many other activities - ceramic painting, tea-picking, tea cuisine, fruit-picking

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