Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Floating Market in Kashmir

Dear all,

I like to share some of the photographs that I took during my trip to India this year.

We went under an organised trip and had intended to go there to see the tulip bulbs in their Tulip Festival. However, luck was not with us, and most of the time, by end of March every year, the tulips would have in full blooms, but for this year, there had been too much rain, and thus we were in Kashmir early. In fact, I know of some other friends who went there just one week later, and they managed to take really beautiful shots of those flowers.

In this post, I like to share with you these shots of the floating market, which is uncommon in most of the world, except in Bangkok, and Kashmir. In the morning, we have to wake up as early as about five thirty in the morning. Took some tea/coffee, and then put on our jackets (It is chilly, and about about few degrees in the morning) as Kashmir is located at an altitude of 1,600 m above sea level.

These local people, who paddle their boats and gather at their usual market place to exchange goods which are mainly vegetables and food. As it is still very early Spring, there were little fruits available too.

The locals paddled, and then stopped in the middle of the Dhal Lake, and then some of them would approach another boatman to ask for the price, and before you see the owner, weighing the vegetables to hand over to the buyer. Then there are few other boatmen who need to ply their way around, as there were just too many boats in the middle of the lake. Easily, there were about more than thirty of such boats in the lake.

Please enjoy the pictures. You can fly to Kashmir easily from Delhi with daily connections, but for peak season, starting April , and also the summer months, you will need to book in advance as the groups are all arriving into Kashmir, to proceed overland to Ladakh, the 'moonland' district from there.

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