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Best Airfare to Central Asia

Welcome back to my blog. And I am in the midst of creating a new website, with more travel tips as well as adding more pictures to share my experience on my various travel/trip.

I was in Central Asia in June 2013, and I organized for my group to fly into Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Then, we travelled overland and then returned back to Tajikistan before we continued by flight into Almaty, Kazakhstan to continue our journey into Kyrgyzstan. It was a wonderful experience, and now I share the travel tip on getting your best deal in airfare to Central Asia.



Do these countries fascinate you?


The home country of Tamerlane, the Central Asian conqueror.. Towering blue minarets dominating the skyline in the beautiful cities of Bukhara & Samarkand.

Kyrgyzstan & Tajikistan are both excellent countries for hiking and outdoor activities with the large concentration of the mountains. You will travel into Tajikistan overland from Uzbekistan, as there is no direct flight from Uzbekistan. As for Kyrgyzstan, you can also travel overland but there are flights from Tashkent into Bishkek.

To Travel to Central Asia –

You can fly into Tashkent, and continue your journey overland into Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan or even Kazakhstan.  By far, Bangkok is the best city to get your flights into the cities of

  1. Tashkent, Uzbekistan – Airport code - TAS
  2. Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan -    Airport code - FRU
  3. Almaty, Kazakhstan -    Airport code - ALA
  4. Astana, Kazakhstan -    Airport code – AST

Flights to Tashkent (TAS), Uzbekistan

From Bangkok

Fly Astana Airlines, Korean Airlines, Uzbekistan Airways

By Uzbekistan Airways (Direct from Bangkok)

BKKTAS – WED flight –   BKKTAS  2255 / 0345 +1

                   TUE                     BKKTAS  1005 / 1455

TASBKK -  MON flight     TASBKK  2315 / 0715 +1 (ARR on TUE)

                                WED      TASBKK  1040 / 1840

There are daily flights into Almaty, Kazakhstan from Bangkok by Air Astana.

From Singapore  

Direct flight by Uzbekistan Airways (fly on Tuesday) 

DEP  TUE – SINTAS   1145 / 1850   (Direct)

ARR  Wed TASSIN 1025 / 2359 (via KUL, Malaysia)


SINTAS – Airfare on Uzbekistan Airways fr USD1,450

China Southern Airways (2 stops via Guangzhou & Urumqi) fr USD1,050

Korean Airlines (1 stop) fr USD1,300

For flight/hotel bookings – go to

We have the Rate Shrinker Technology – After your tickets are issued, our system will continue to check online everyday for any change especially for a decrease in airfare (might be due to airline promotion at a later date), and if there is a lower fare compared to what you pay, your ticket will be AUTOMATICALLY cancelled, and then you will have a new ticket issued at the lower airfare, with the difference being credited back into your credit card.

This Rate Shrinker Technology also applies to your hotel bookings.

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