Thursday, March 12, 2015

Peak Performance

I love to travel and I want to see the world, go explore off-the-beaten track, go trekking all the classic treks around the world.

However,   I understand I need time and money to fulfil my dreams! How nice is it if you were to be able to make more money in the shorter time frame,
retire and have more time freedom and better quality of life!
Do you want that to happen?
Are you seeking for a change in your life?
Do you desire better quality of life for your family

Have you heard of Anthony Robbins, the famous life coach cum author?
He is coming to Singapore for a Seminar -
06-08May 2015
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After 6 years, Tony Robbins will be back in Singapore for an all-new event, Total Success!
In his 20-year career he’s worked with the who’s who in sports, in entertainment, the political scene, CEOs, thought leaders and influencers. We are all entrepreneurs at our core – find out how you CAN change your life forever and live it on your terms at Tony Robbins’ Total Success event. Whatever you may have heard about the impact that Tony has on people’s lives – to really know, you need to go. There’s always a mad rush for tickets close to the event so get in quick while you can! Tony Robbins in Singapore with an all-new event –Whether you want to master your finances, reignite passion in your relationships, create unstoppable energy or take your business – and life – to the next level, Anthony Robbins, will be there to lead you to Total Success.Break down your barriers and become the best version of yourself with the world’s best,Tony Robbins. Discover that you CAN change your life forever and live it on your terms at the Total Success program.Some of the world’s most accomplished people like Hugh Jackman, Serena Williams and Bill Clinton have turned to Tony to help turn the life of their dreams into reality, and now you can too.

Have a great weekend.

Olevia Cheong

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