Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Cheapest way to enter Bhutan from Singapore

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Welcome back.

I had been busy training for my upcoming trek to Mt Rinjani (second highest mountain in Indonesia).
The travel dates - 07-14Sep.
Fly by SilkAir/SQ.

I am going with another 4 people, together with my eight-year-old boy. This will be a great training for him, as he had been to his first trekking experience up to Mt Batur in Bali during his school holidays in March this year. Yes, we are going back to Indonisia.

Well, I am back, and will like to tell you that the cheapest way to fly to Bhutan from Asia, would be to make your way by flight to Kolkata (CCU), and then travel overland through the State of Sikkim, to Phuntsoling, and then you will enter Bhutan. Do make sure you get your Indian visa if you need one. Of course, you could do Sikkim on your own if you like more free and easy and more flexible time. Thereafter, you need a Bhutanese local operator to pick you up at the Phuntsoling border, to continue your journey into Bhutan.

When you finish all your sightseeing, get the operator to include your one way ticket to Kolkata, and then you could fly out from there.

Search this website for the cheapest airfare to Kolkata.
Free flight bonus of usd200,000 when you book the flight tickets.

Price Pledge - if you could find a cheaper airfare based on the same flight and time, you will get 150% refund of the Price difference. No question asked. Just need to prove with a screen shot of the cheaper fare from the website concerned.

Rate Shrinker - After your ticket is issued, the system will help you to check for lower airfare based on the same flight and time. You need not do anything. If there is any airline promotion, and there is a reduction in the airfare, the system will automatical cancel your ticket, and re-issued the new ticket based on the lower air fare.

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Lots of Bhutan Festivals coming up.

I am organising a 12D Sikkim & Bhutan Photography Tour
(( Thimphu Festival ))
11Sep 2013.
28Sep 2014   (THIMPHU FESTIVAL 03-05 Oct 2014)

Check out the itinerary from the

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