Monday, July 22, 2013

Pictures of Jaisalmer

I went to Rajasthan in India a few years ago, and the trip was planned to coincide with the Jaisalmer Desert Festival in 2010.
Well, why India?

I had long been fascinated with the lands of the Rajput, and the many stories that I read from various travel magazines about the fortresses, and beautiful architecture in this part of India. Moreover, it is said to be the most beautiful or colourful State in India. The women adorn brightly-coloured saris on them, and there is always some festivals happening in the various cities - Jaipur, Jaisalmer, and others.

When I told my friends that I would be going to India together with another girl friend and my son, I heard a few questions that were commonly asked.
"are you sure that is a holiday? To India? Aren't you worried that you get diarrhoea?"
"Aren't you worried that you son will get kidnapped?"

Sorry to say, a lot of Singaporeans always perceive some emerging countries or developing nations as unsafe. I had travelled to Morocco, Pakistan, India, Nepal and even Central Asia. And I have always found the locals from these countries to be very friendly, warm and hospitable.

Let me share the pictures that I took in Jaisalmer - The Golden City. The imposing Jaisalmer Fort rises right in the heart of the Thar Desert.

                                           Walls of the fortification of the Jaisalmer Fort.

                      Just love all these intricate carvings found all over the walls in the city

Ganesh - a Hindu god is found on posters pasted on the doors of the locals' houses.



The streets of the Jaisalmer City.

                             I could see the Jaisalmer Fort from the terrace of the hotel that I stayed.

The camels were so beautifully decorated for the Most Beautifully Decorated Camel Contest.


Such a lovely creature!

Decorations hanging from the neck of the camel.

More decoration on the hoof of the camel.

And it's so colourful.

                                     Cultural dances being performed at the Festival Ground.
                                                                           Camel Polo

                       It is common to see the local women carry a container over their heads.

Street procession to the Festival Ground.

Skydiving Stunts are also performed.

                                                  Tents are erected for the audience.

                                                              Seated with no shades.

                                             Seating on the ground if they were to come late.

I was indeed fortunate to be part of this celebration which normally lasts for 3 days in the month of January / February of the year. Do check out for the Calendar of India to get the exact dates for different years.
I have a 8 days itinerary with Jaipur (Pink City), Udaipur (Lake City) and Jodhpur (Blue City). A longer duration is required if you would like to visit Jaisalmer - 12 days.
Rajasthan is ideal for travel for the year end starting from November till end of March the following year. And you will need to fly into Delhi, and travel by bus to Jaipur. Otherwise, there are flights from Delhi to Jaipur and. Other cities are all well connected by the bus and rail network. You could even take overnight train from Jodhpur to Jaisalmer, and thus save time on your travel while you spend the night on the train.
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One trip to Rajasthan is planned for November.
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