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Blog Mt Rinjani Trek Day 1

Mt Rinjani Trek Day 1

Pictures of the trail as we embark on our adventure to the summit of Mt Rinjani (3,726m), the second highest mountain in Indonesia.

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Pictures of Mt Rinjani Trek
4D3N Trek
08-11Sep 2013
Group of 6 including my 8-year-old boy.

The day had arrived. We had been doing our training at Bukit Timah Hill (Singapore-our only little hill) every Saturday to prepare for our ascent up to Mt Rinjani. I had been out of all physical exercises for the past two years with the boy, and all the other work commitments. Excuse!! Haha. When I set my mind to do this trek, I knew I had to start, and this gave me inspiration, and motivation to PUSH myself to really get back to training.

After all, I was very fit before. Had completed the marathon, a few aerobics marathon, including a 5 -hour aerobics marathon before. Trekking is not new to me. I had gone trekking in Nepal (3 times), and even up Mt Kinabalu, which most people had done.

But, I knew, I had to push up my level of fitness, as I read that it is a tough climb. And how tough, we were only get to know when we started on our trekking.

We stayed one night at Senaru Village upon our arrival in Lombok International Airport. (LOP)
Porters preparing our supplies to be brought up to the mountain.

Stove, tents, sleeping bags, food, fruits, mineral water, etc .. need to be carried up by the porters.

He is so lovely..

He loves to be photographed.

                    Finally, they sat still as Hui Jun showed them pictures of themselves taken earlier.

Our Homestay for one night.

                                 I love the banana pancake! Never get tired of it for breakfast.

A group photo, and you could see my boy is rather tall for a 8-year-old boy.

                                                                        Banana Trees

                                               This is flat, but this is yet the beginning..

A very gentle slope.

My friend, Fernnie is coming on her very first trek.
Her other experience is the 3-hour trek up to Taktsang Monastery, in Bhutan.

Lots of greenery abound.

Helping to plant a tree in Mt Rinjani National Park.

      Our Lunch Point. The trek upwards after lunch is tough, with going up three steep hills,                  almost                        seventy five degree gradient.

                     Watering the plant. The tree would likely be taller than him in 10 years time.
                                            Another group photo before we continue on.
                                           Here comes the porters who caught up with us.

More photos to be added.

Be back.

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