Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Glacier Bay National Park

Glacier Bay National Park

Join the Golden Princess for the Alaska Cruise through the a Inside Passage via
the Glacier Bay National Park.

"So many of us come to Glacier Bay to be overwhelmed by mountains, to be dazzled by glaciers, to be thrilled by animals. We want wilderness with a capital W. Instead of sitting quietly and looking carefully, we tend to tally everything we see. What is yo be gained in tracking the number of tidewater glaciers admired, the count of eagles sighted, the sum of bears photographed? To mistake enumeration for enlightenment is to have seen nothing at all. In a place calibrated by epic measurements of time- in ice ages, glacial retreats, forest growth- we sometimes ignore the quiet moments unfolding around us. There is grandeur here, but there is also simple grace in the way an oystercatcher turns a crimson-eyed gaze our way. There are natural melodramas throughout the bay, but what could be more astounding than knowing that the feathery bloom of dryas plants on bare ground is really a prophecy of forests to come? And where is the power of crashing ice falls without the vibrating silence afterward?"
- Sherry Simpson

I enjoyed the scenic cruising of the Glacier Bay National Park by Golden Princess. At about 6 am in that morning, our Ship picked up the Park Ranger from the Visitor's Centre, and later in the morning, we had the opportunity to listen to the live commentaries as we approached Margerie Glacier as well as the Lamplugh Glacier.

The Cruise ship crossed the Icy Strait before it entered this wild and pristine national park area. This is the last wilderness area within Alaska. There had been some explorations by John Muir by kayak into this part of the remote world. A lot of passengers had gathered on the Observation Deck on Deck 14. It was icy cold, as I felt the chilly winds sweeping across my face. There were some others who chose to see next to the windows in the Horizon Court dining area, while they enjoyed their buffet breakfast. Lots of greens in the salad, with tasty muffins, different kinds of freshly baked bread, smoked salmon, tender chicken meat, soup and etc.

As the ship slowly approached the Margerie Glacier, many of us could see the huge chunk of ice, like the massive tongue , stretching out into the water! The eternal ice reflected the light shining on it. The commentary continued, as there were names being mentioned of the Johns Hopkins Inlet , as well as Muir Inlet which we had sailed past. We were all wrapped in our windbreaker, and shawl, as we admired the grandeur sight right in front of us, marveling at the wonders crafted by the Mother Nature.

For those adventurous, they have to take the floatplanes to be unloaded at the Muir Inlet before they could embark on their solitude journey, within this wilderness area. When you get a chance to disembark at Skagway, there are local companies which organize flights over this magnificent Glacier Bay, and then you can take in the sheer beauty of this immense space of ice, glacier, mountains, and the thick forests beyond. It must be an awe-inspiring aerial view from above! Yes, pay some money and go for this unforgettable experience in the air ! For me, I had chosen to go on a helicopter ride up to the glaciers, and I had the opportunity to walk on the Icefield from Skagway. So, you will soon realize a short trip by cruise to the Alaska area is not good enough, as there are so many activities that you could go for, and time always Never seem to be enough.

Slowly, the Cruise ship started to make their turn , so that those who remained in their stateroom with balcony, could admire at the beauty of these giant glaciers.

In another hour's time, we slowly sailed towards the Lamplugh Glacier. And we saw many little sheets of ice floating on the water.. More ice, sheer white massive spaces...

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