Friday, October 3, 2014

Pictures of Skagway

Dear all,

thanks for coming back. And in this post, I like to share with with you my wonderful experience of taking the helicopter ride up to the glacier, with a guided walking session up there!

Amazing, and it is not cheap to pay for the price. But every cent is worth it. It costs me USD319 for this wonderful experience. So, if you travel to Skagway, Alaska, on board a cruise ship, you can book for this shore excursion from Princess directly. However, if you are traveling to Alaska on your own, be it self drive or overland, you can still book the excursions directly from one of the operators there.

Skagway is only a small town, and it became famous due to the gold rush Klondike. Thousands of people went in search of their fortune and they all thought there they could become rich by gonig to the Alaska gold fields, but in actual fact, these gold fields were in Yukon, Canada.

This Gold Rush was to spawn a narrow-gauge railroad that would pay an important part in the development of Alaska and Northern Canada. But before the railroad was even a thought in anyone's mind, thousands of stampeders had headed for the gold fields. The Klondike was 650 miles north of the head of navigation at Skagway and Dyea, Alaska. In the summer and fall of 1897 stampeders by the thousands converged on these points.

The gold actually had been found in Auguest 1896, by three prospectors on Indian Creek (now Bonanza Creek), a tributary of the Klondike River, but because of the remoteness of the area, word of the great find did not reach the outside world until a year later. When it did, it started one of the greatest mass exoduses in North America history, with perhaps 100,000 people heading
 for the gold fields and up to 50,000 actually made it there.

Back in 1897, before the railroad was built, the only way to get to the gold fields was to hike through treacherous land and sometimes under extremely harsh conditions over the Chilkoot Trail or the White Pass.

Today, visitors can take the railway to the White Pass, and travel into Yukon, Canada and enjoy the beautiful scenery around.

As for me, I am sharing the photographs that I took while on my helicopter ride up to the glacier, and my glacier walking experience up there. Enjoy.

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Recommendation -
Take the Railway to White Pass, and then followed by the Yukon, Canada excursion.
Take the helicopter ride up to the glacier and enjoy a guided walk of the glacier.

For Singaporeans, I am planning a trip to Alaska which will cover the Denali National Park, Fairbanks, etc in June 2016.

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